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Stranger Than Fiction Class: Improv 101 - Fundamentals of Improv

Stranger Than Fiction Improv 101

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Wednesdays from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
September 12, 2018 thru October 17, 2018
*Optional Performance Showcase on October 20th

All classes are held in the Nasson Little Theatre located at 457 Main Street, Springvale, ME

Auditions for Teen Theater - Divided We Fall by Bryan Starchman

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Nasson Youth Theater is teaming up with Sanford Maine Stage to produce a production of Divided We Fall By BRYAN STARCHMAN, a teen monologue play! Practices and performance schedule are flexible and will be set by the cast and crew. Looking for both actors and crew (sound, lights, stage crew, stage manager, etc...) Target age 13 to 19 due to mature themes.

By Bryan Starchman
Everyone has some burden, but shared pain is always easier to bear. This monologue-based play is sure to strike the hearts of teens, showing them that any frustration, embarrassment, loneliness, and grief they are experiencing is not limited to them alone. Some major issues within the dozen monologues include a girl’s concern about her body image, a boy who feels smothered by his girlfriend, a girl who runs to escape her home life, and a boy who feels guilty after failing to defend someone who needed help. Each actor, while wearing a hooded sweatshirt that symbolically confines him in his own world, remains onstage the entire time, occasionally serving as a member of the chorus, thus an integral part of a true ensemble piece. The play will help remind students that although they may think they are all alone there is, in reality, love and support all around.

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